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Anglican Vestments & Clericals Explained.

Anglican Vestments and Clericals Explained.

Adapted from various sources by The Rt. Rev. Thomas A. Corston

Recently I had opportunity to speak with a couple of our clergy about the vestments they were wanting to wear but weren't sure if they were correct in doing so. The Archdeacon has asked if I might put together a brief paper explaining our use of and proper protocol in the various vestments (robes) we were in our Anglican liturgy.




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Article by Shawn Branch

One Step in Front of The Other

In His final hours, Jesus dedicated himself to be with His friends and to prepare them for the events that were about to unfold.

The Gospel accounts of that night speak of Jesus getting down on His knees and washing the feet of His disciples. It is this spirit of love and service of others, which is to be the outstanding characteristic of the Christian disciple.

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Invited - Video Series - Exploring Genuine Christian Invitation

Invited logo



Invited is a written resource intended to be used by groups and communities to help

foster conversation about and exploration into the breadth and length and depth of


Invited came out of a working group called Spirit of Invitation within the Diocese of

Toronto that was tasked with exploring new ways of encouraging Anglicans to be more

invitational. You might say that we’re a group of people who stumbled upon an exciting

idea. The Spirit of Invitation team is a diverse group of about 10 people from all kinds

of different backgrounds, ordained and lay, working together to explore the concept of

invitation. The group is co-chaired by Jeff Potter and the Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan.

Some friends of ours – the Rev. Canon Susan Bell, Canon Missioner of the Diocese of

Toronto, and the Rev. Dr. Judy Paulsen, Professor of Evangelism at Wycliffe College –

co-authored the written resource.

Invited is also a series of short films. Scripts for each of the videos were written by

Jeff Potter and Nate Wall. And Nicholas Bradford-Ewart, award-winning filmmaker

extraordinaire of Farmer Vision Media, adapted our scripts and helped us to put the

videos together.

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A Little History

Mr. Bill Holmes, a grandson of The Reverend William G. Walton and his wife, Daisy (Spencer) Walton, recently shared some information and articles about his grandfather's work in Fort George, Quebec.  By the way, Mr. Holmes is also a grandson of Bishop George Holmes, third Bishop of Moosonee.


A Note from a Grandson of The Reverend W. G. Walton

Fort George Christmas

Reindeer Walton

Rev. Edwin Watkins: Missionary to the 1852-1857


On Line Marriage Preparation Course


Marriage Preparation

a HumancareTM Program

The Marriage Preparation Program is designed to help couples successfully navigate the transi­tion from engagement to a solid new marriage.

Based on clinical research into why some mar­riages fail and others succeed, this program pro­vides a pre-marital workshop and on–line support for couples (telephone and internet) up to the end of the first year of marriage. An optional follow-up, Well Couple Check-Up, is also available to couples at a substantially discounted cost.

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