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Moosonee Messy Church Idea

 Make Church happen in a different way. Use the 'Messy Church' form to reachout to many different age groups. Messy Church is not just for the young, the youth or the adult, or the elder, but for all or any of these ages combined. Advertise it & Try It!

Set aside 2 hours on any day near to a meal time, often supper. Provide a welcome activity such as name tag creation, a craft or several, a song or two, a visible, participation based bible story,a prayertime, and close with a simple meal for all participants. Tie these events together with a Theme for example Love- doesn't Leave Anyone Out.


           Welcome: make hospital style-arm band name tags

            craft: make get well or thinking about you cards use glue & glitter to decorate

           songs: God sees the Little sparrow fall

                       Jesus loves the little children

                       Down in My Heart

            story:  Act out The Good Samaritan story

           prayertime: pray for those who are hurt or lonely & thank the Lord for the meal you share.

          meal: individual homemade pizzas -use pita bread or ready made shells, have people put on sauce,& prepared toppings such as peperoni,sweet peppers, bacon bits, cheese etc. and serve

                      cookies, juice,tea or other drinks.

Most of All show love to one another & have Fun!!